Bluesky Gellak

We have put the most common questions here for you in a FAQ, when you have a question, look through it first, if your problem is not listed here, you can always email or call us!

'I can wipe the Gellak right off.' - Gel polish must cure in a SunUV/LED lamp. 'The Gellak lasts less than 2 weeks.' - The nail plate is insufficiently degreased with Alcohol 70% or Cleanser Pads. - No Bluesky Base Coat has been used. - There may be drug use. 'How should Primer be used?' - After degreasing, apply Primer and allow to air dry. 'After curing of the Bluesky Top Coat, the nail is still sticky.' - The adhesive layer must be removed with Alcohol 70% or Cleanser Pads. 'After curing, the tip of the natural nail is visible.' - After each layer of Gellak, the nail must be sealed to prevent shrinkage. 'The Gellak has started to blister or wrinkle.' - The Gellak has been applied too thickly. 'Is it possible to combine Bluesky Gellak with other brands?' - The adhesion may be less if another brand of base or top coat is used. - The best result is achieved by using Bluesky base coat, colored Gellak and top coat. 'The first layer of colored Gellak is not opaque.' - Some colors are opaque after the 2nd or 3rd thin coat. 'How should Hard Gel be used?' - For nails that are naturally thin, apply Hard Gel after the base coat. - With torn nails, Hard Gel can be applied over the colored Gellak. 'How should I store Gellak?' - Gel polish should be kept dark and cool. 'How long can I store Gellak?' - Gel polish has a shelf life of 12 months after opening. After this time, the quality may decrease.

'When will my order be shipped?'

- Orders placed before 2 pm will be shipped the same day.

- For orders with a credit card, this is usually sent the next day.

- Orders placed during the weekend will be shipped on Monday.

'When are orders shipped for free?'

- Orders above €25 are shipped free of charge within the Netherlands.

- For orders within the Netherlands under € 25, - € 3,95 shipping costs will be charged.

'I have not received a Track & Trace code.'

- Orders up to and including 8 bottles are sent as a letterbox package.

'Why is more shipping charge for orders to Belgium?'

- Shipping costs to Belgium are much higher than shipping within the Netherlands.

- Orders above €55 are shipped free of charge to Belgium.

- Gellak Work instructions

Preparation Nails:

Push the Cuticle back with a cuticle pusher, Polish the nail surface if necessary and
clean it with Bluesky Cleanser Pads


  1. Apply Bluesky Base Coat thinly, cure for 30 sec.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Gellak, cure for 30 seconds.
  3. Repeat step 2 to get enough coverage
  4. Apply Bluesky Top Coat(No Wipe), cure for 30  sec
  5. Wipe off the sticky layer (not needed with Top No Wipe) with Bluesky Cleanser or 70% Alcohol

Note: Curing takes place under UV/LED light, curing time depends on lamp you use!