Gum Poly Gel Soft Clear Pink

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  1. disinfect hands with skin disinfectant or wash hands with soap
  2. file the nails to the desired length,
  3. gently push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher
  4. Clean the nail plate with alcohol 70% prepare the Gel brush, an orange woodstick or goat's leg and a small bowl of alcohol
Renew with tips

  1. apply a thin layer of Base Coat, cure for 30 seconds under the lamp
  2. grab a tip and apply the Gum Gel to the inside of the tip with an orange woodstick or goat's leg
  3. press the tip firmly on the nail plate so that no air gets under it
  4. remove any remnants of Gum Gel with the Gel Brush
  5. Cure for 1 minute under the UV lamp 48 Watt
  6. gently pry the tip off the nail
  7. file the nail wall or nail tip if necessary
  8. further finish the nails with a Top Coat or possibly paint with Gel Polish
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